Karen Davis - Israel My Beloved

Karen Davis is the worship leader of Carmel Assembly (Kehilat HaCarmel) a Messianic congregation located on the top of Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel. Karen also performed as a recording artist and featured soloist on the highly acclaimed albums from the land of Israel, ADONAI, ELOHIM, YESHUA and SAR SHALOM.
ISRAEL MY BELOVED (Songs from the Secret Place) draws the believer into the shelter of the Almighty, that intimate place where we seek Him with unveiled face and say of the Lord, "He is my refuge, my God in whom I trust." From the Land of Israel, recorded in both the English and Hebrew languages, the heart of this worship collection is for the listener to experience the love and spiritual longing that the Bridegroom has for his Bride.
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Karen Davis - 01 Israel My Beloved 3m 33s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 02 Ata Tzuri 5m 37s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 03 Your Banner Over Me Is Love 3m 59s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 04 Avinu Malkeinu 4m 11s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 05 Here In Your Presence 4m 10s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 06 Arise 6m 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 07 Saturate My Soul 3m 34s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 08 Mi Kamocha 3m 52s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 09 Awake You Who Sleep 4m 37s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 10 Be Still 4m 23s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Karen Davis - 11 Yasis alaich 2m 57s 320 kBit/s €0.00



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9 Aug 2018

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Karen Davis - Israel My Beloved
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