Salt Of The Sound - Dwell Among Us

Salt Of The Sound is the award-winning musical collaboration of Stockholm-based husband and wife duo Anita and Ben Tatlow. Their aim is to create songs that encourage spiritual reflection both in church environments and in times of personal quiet, while also exploring musical styles and expressions that bring a freshness to the Christian and ambient music scenes. "Dwell Among Us" is the new single from Stockholm-based Salt of the Sound. The release explores worship music to a greater extent than the duo's previous material, while simultaneously retaining the reflective feel of their 2014 EP "Through The Mist". In addition to the title track, a live version of the hymn "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" is included on the release, as well as a subscriber-only live performance of "Dwell Among Us". Anita Tatlow: songwriting, piano, lead vocals. Ben Tatlow: production, synths, backing vocals.
Title Time Bitrate Cost  
Salt Of The Sound - 01 Dwell Among Us 3m 52s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Salt Of The Sound - 02 Dwell Among Us - Live 4m 12s 320 kBit/s €0.00
Salt Of The Sound - 03 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 2m 52s 320 kBit/s €0.00



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